Sitemap - 2023 - Finding Words in Hard Times - with Jon Swanson

044 A Christmas party across time and geography.

043 On remembering feelings (and finding the good ones)

042 - A little more on thanks.

042 - Thanks.

041 Five choices for a bit more celebration during the holidays.

040 Grief and the holidays

039 - On unpacking suitcases

038 - On sharing context

037 - On leaving a communication platform

036 - On remembering

035 Shield the joyous.

034 - How listening taught us about COVID and the church.

033 - When the people who care need the care.

032 - Learning where the resources are.

031 Being helpful in loss - an update

031 - Bearing withness

030 - When things pile up.

029 - In praise of short sentences.

028 - There are no recipes.

027 Not "the best of"

026 - On "measuring" presence.

025 - Sometimes, it's not our problem.

024 - Encouragement in different ways.

Hope Talks: Dr. Jon Swanson

023 - Being a helpful leader in loss. Part one.

022 - "I know where you're going" and resources from Philip Yancey, Lydia Dugdale, and research.

021 - Some thoughts about why we get stuck in thinking (after loss).

020 - Of course it's hard to think - and other ways to be helpful for someone who is grieving.

019 - Try this (on offering rather than telling)

018 - On letting go of self-imposed obligations. And some other notes.

017 Thinking about cemetery tours.

016 - A working list for life after a difficult diagnosis.

015 Blessing hands and help for people who are waiting.

014 - On helping a friend think through next steps.

013 - Listening to people give grief support, and other resources.

012 - We all struggle to find words.

011 - an unexpected opportunity for a eulogy.

011 – Finding words when there’s nothing that can be fixed.

010 Would you help me help you this week?

009 Who do you trust to speak for you?

008 Now. That's a relief.

007 - Grief support using social media? Maybe.

006 Being helpful in loss because you are a helper.

005 - On food for the grieving, 10 helpful books, and more.

004 - A short video to let you hear my voice.

003 Helpful in loss – Orienting and a project about losing friends.

002 Helpful in loss: We want to be told “this is hard”

A recent model of bereavement coping - DPM

001 Helpful in loss: Making space for a story

Sunday night review (and the start of this newsletter

the most helpful act is often simply being present and being responsive.

Eulogies for the living, upstream thinking, and other conversations I'm having.